Friday, September 22, 2006

Information Ethics

I got a couple of revelations today. I finally got my answer. Now I know why I studied Information Ethics. Because when you get accused of copying in one silly little class test (it, being the second revelation) by somebody with absolutely no ethics, with absolutely no hard evidence or substantial proof, you need to know the friggin definition of fancy shmancy words like, “defamation” and “hate speech” and “plagiarism” and more importantly, what they all entail. I love the computer science department at my university, but when they screw you over like this, it makes me <FOURIE-US>. What could possibly be worse? My favourite professor, the very one who presented me with my first year award, the one who introduced me to computer science, and made me decide that it was what I wanted to do, the one who made me feel I could keep going when computer science started looking like a very severe matriarchal type of woman thinks I’m a cheater. Now I have to present my cheating face to him and explain how come the Cartoon Heroes have carbon copy scripts. Because, you know, they study together, they go for lectures together, they do their pracs together, so of course it’s completely rational to assume it’s because they copied and thereby imply that they are devoid of ethics, integrity and the basic human dignity ones parents are supposed to inculcate in them as children. Remember in Desperate Housewives how Bree taught Andrew the concept of shame? Exactly like that.

How much more could we have been insulted??

And it’s all thanks to some idiot who clearly believes he has an eye for spotting patterns (a rare gift awarded only to a select few of us) by realising two scripts look exactly the same purely because the one was right on top of the other. I would hate to sound as if I’m arguing from the wrong point of view, but really, what kind of a brainless fool copies from someone word for word, and then as if that wasn’t enough to get Idiot of the Year Award, still hands in at the same time as them?

Tsk, tsk…

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The mushrooms are on the roof.

Before I start the ever-therapeutic rambling let me just save myself from being sued on the grounds of breach of intellectual property rights by giving full credit to queen_Lestat for exhibiting her genius and thinking up “cartoon heroes.” And speaking of intellectual property rights, I’ve been aimlessly wondering about this module we’re doing. Information Ethics sound like the most boring thing in the world, doesn’t it? It seems unbelievably technical and someone is yet to be able to explain to me what the point of it is. Yes, first there’s data and then information and then knowledge and then wisdom and yes, information has become a commodity and changed the way we research blablabla in recent years but is it really necessary to declare it a science? I mean just think, The anatomy of a blog. What the Hades?