Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Insert unworthy title here

Run to the water
and find me there
burnt to the core but not broken
we'll cut through the madness
of these streets below the moon
these streets below the moon

and I will never leave you
'til we can say, ‘this world was just a dream
we were sleepin' now we are awake’
'til we can say

in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was round
a million mile fall from grace
thank God we missed the ground

Big Concerts present
Live – Black Mountain, White Light World Tour
Live was frickin amazing. I now know what they mean when they say you can record how much you want to but you can never capture that energy. I can rant and rave forever about how amazing the experience was but I can’t ever reproject the feeling and the goosebumps and the tingles and the “Oh my God, it’s Ed Kawalczyk!!” I can look at our photos and videos all night long but it will never be just enough.
Is there anything like a rock concert? There’s the chick in front of you offering you some of her drink. There’s the gay guy next to you spitting all over you and cursing the guy who warns him through a loud speaker to put “that damn cigarette out NOW.” There’s the fact that you spent all day trying to get your hair right and you got there and it rained! There’s your little sister standing over you screaming things you’ll try your best never to hear from her again…

But then there’s the people you came here with, in some cases the people you came here because of. Knowing you’re embarrassing yourself thoroughly in front of people you usually try your best to act decent and well brought up around. Knowing absolutely anything can happen tonight because there’s a feeling of eternity in the air you can almost taste.
<<This night will never end>>
There’s the vague memory of Ed saying how they feel about water in an interview, how Live has it in every one of their videos, how queen_lestat (my personal gateway to the Great Bliss that is Live) referred to the night as something very witty she'll hopefully blog about, the unimaginable performance of Lightning Crashes.
There’s the crowd all around you and inside you and everywhere living the experience right along there with you with one voice and one spirit and one heart and one thought: “THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT I’M GOING TO HAVE IN A DAMN LONG TIME!!!!!!!”


saaleha said...

Insert unworthy comment here.

LIVE Forever.

CorpseKicker said...

And ever.

Insipid said...

Been kicking myself blue black and cursing my job with great fervor for missing Live.Reading this has upped the intensity and vulgarness a great deal.

Really hope they come again.That be my beacon of hope and salvation

CorpseKicker said...
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Anonymous said...

And then it's over and you wait for the next natural high inducing event. I should have gone to see Metallica.

Music is an amazing thing.