Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Little Tribute

This morning after sehri, (meal before sunrise in preparation of a fasting day) I couldn't sleep so I created this little guy. Do pay attention to the fine detail used in his design. He's holding a chainsaw for a reason. He's got a black eye and stitches on his face for a reason too. I don't know why he's so dirty though. (I can only think to blame it on the way he was raised...) Like the rest of us, computer science is kicking this little fella's ass. You see that bored expression on his face? That's him getting used to the kicking. You see the gear he's wearing? That's proof of how he yearns for the life he had before the void. But it's over, boy!!!! NyAHAHAHAHAHAH....!

The thing is, this cutey is based on someone who actually exists. Somebody who is decidedly less cute. (Decidedly because he thinks he is. NyAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!)

Anyway, but only because the child my own mother raised occasionally likes to interfere in my life, I think this picture deserves an apology. How could I possibly have the nerve to add another personality to this sad little man's collection of many. Seriously, it's not even funny.

I think I made him because said someone really makes CS a little more fun than it actually is. But not just worth it. So brush up, dude, I know you're reading this!!


WhiteBird said...

As another child your own mother raised, I have to say that picture deserves more than an apology; it requires an explanation.

Do show some regard for the non-members of the computer studies in-group so we can all be meaninful contributers to the waffle. Thanks.

The_brainles_don said...

hey corps kicker i guess this person is so chufed he cant reply but tell u what that blady pic is sumthing out of south park !!!!! i c u still have those dark fantesys remeber the one.... na i lie i dont remem either but all i can say is when i think of u and ur wedding i get this bride of chucky type of vibe miss u always old fwend slms im out

CorpseKicker said...

the_brainles_don >> I think you're right about the chufed part and yes... even if you don't remember the dark fantasies, I do, and I'd say you'd do well to remember that. Oh and whenever I try to imagine your wedding, I start praying for my friend and quickly try to remind myself I'm the sensationalist in this situation... Luv ya too you idiot