Saturday, October 21, 2006

You are not getting Sleepy

Remember that Blur song, Coffee and TV? I miss sleeping. I think there was a time I actually used to like it. "...I'm going blind and I'm brain dead virtually."
You don't need to sleep too much to be able to do this. I think it's safe to say when you stop "saying stuff" and prefer to refer to it as "hearing yourself say stuff," things are looking pretty bad.


anti-verbose said...

Honestly..I dnt think u find it hard 2 sleep especially around a "sehri'ish" time..

CorpseKicker said...

anti-verbose >> I think you experienced the "Ramadaan alter ego" of me at that time. I would think, you of all people know how this great month changes a person.. especially when you're trying to study and all you can manage is to fast.

Juxtapositioner said...

Hehe. That's a phase? I thought that was jsut you... o_O