Friday, February 23, 2007

Jagged Little Pill's Track 10

A most entertaining and hilarious thing happened concerning a certain addition to the blog cirlce. Irony was redefined as An Untold Fairytale instantly died a tragic death. It's pure greatness when you create some web account you solemnly intend to devote yourself to and you thoroughly embarrass yourself (but don't tell anyone, of course) by forgetting the password. It made me laugh for quite a while when I heard about it before I realised how coincidental it was that the name of this hypothetical blog was "Death of an Untold Fairytale."
For once, it wasn't so appropriate to use "funny" as a synonym for "ironic". I just blinked and thought about it.

It will henceforth be dead and untouchable but still readable.
You can laugh, it's ok.