Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Organic Condensation

I would say, in my extreme non-climatologist, obscenely uninformed opinion, that it’s Autumn. I didn’t form this opinion by observing the colour of the leaves, or the falling or absence thereof. It wasn’t even a subconscious note in the change of temperature. I’ve decided it’s Autumn because of unsavoury current events in a little World called Laudium. For a minute there, I’m 14 again and sitting at various social events that make me think of words like, “isolated,” “anti-nostalgic,” and for some strange reason, “dementor.” It’s a bit odd to think that my personality has this annoying tendency to insist on pretending to be social the same time every year. The outcome is always the same, so why the hell doesn’t it learn? There are these beings, who, despite the fact that it is impossible to relate to them on any human grounds, have the ability to suck your soul from your body. (Aaah, ok… “dementor”!)
I’m 19 and there it goes this year again so jaap… it’s Autumn!
And alright, they’re pretty but let’s face it, plastic is bad for our planet, people! Honestly, is there anything more disgusting than useless unintelligent synthetic material which simply refuses to decompose… even way after it’s served its purpose? I’m not bitching or moaning or being all bitter. I’m just saying. It’s Autumn, damnit! and it’s… odd ;)

Monday, March 12, 2007


Too bad fluorescent pink isn't orange.

Not H2

When I'm big... Refer to Taarness

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Engel and I

Lecturers are the best. Does anyone ever wonder what happened to these people? And are they only eccentric in the computer science department or everywhere? It’s kind of great, actually. You never have to face the real world if you’re a lecturer. You finish your studies and then you can just hover there and pretend to continue your student life, haunting the corridors and halls that once was your territory and is now just your… haunt. They always say the world of academics is a world of its own, and I sometimes wonder if I want to get my degree and then bugger off or become a shell of my future former student self.