Friday, April 27, 2007

Stuff I don't mind so much

I hate a lot of stuff. But you don't see me abusing the Internet by bitching and moaning about it all my life, do you? Have you noticed how that's a newly emerging trend? Seriously, you can't just go around saying,
"I hate:
  • short insecure men
  • people who spell wrong and still act clever
  • people who blog
  • people who bitch and moan on the Internet
  • people who are artificial
  • the pussycat dolls
  • COS 332
  • bollywood
  • AIDS
  • fuss

I think I'll start a website! Or maybe a blog!"

We all hate people. Most of the human race sucks, yes, but wasn't the idea to ignore this and act like everything is ok and normal so that we can suppress our emotions and carry on living? I mean haven't you people heard? It's all about the masquerade now. The only reason you smile at some people is to get through the moment. The moment's over soon. Then afterward you wonder... was it a moment at all? You weren't yourself, you were some plastic mask smiling at someone you'd rather do something much else to. It wasn't real. So does that mean it's only real when you go and blog and bitch and moan? I hate the expression "letting yourself go" but that's what it is, isn't it?
Hmm.. I change my mind. Anonymity is a great gift given to us by the Geeks that Be. People do suck.