Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hmm hehe lol omg yeah haha

Beware these words, fellow texters. If it’s all you’re getting, you’re doing something WRONG! Set your status to “Appear Offline” and get some sleep, we all know you never sign out.
So this is the July Recess, huh? Why do they call it a recess if you’re still going to campus everyday, playing Scattered in the Polelo Research Lab huh? Yeah the third year software engineering project kind of blows. I shouldn’t complain. Enrichment or something… I’ll find a justification for it sooner or later.
It snowed the other day here? Snow. Pfff. If you can call slight sleet snow. Hehe. Slight sleet snow. Oh, I crack me up.

Ahem sorry about that. Anyway I’ve been thinking a lot about Muhammad’s slightly disturbing obsession with the concept of nothing, and indulged shamelessly in it this July Recess. I haven’t found the purpose of meaning yet. But I suppose it gave me the chance to discover a few treasures. People and other things.

  • Facebook. I’m SO not commenting on this one. *evil facebook whores. All, ALL of them!!!*

  • Rock from the 60’s and 70’s, compliments of a certain happy texter we won’t mention.

  • Led Zeppelin to quote said Happy Texter, “to be a rock and not to rolll..”

  • Santa Baby, originally performed and recorded by Eartha Kitt, not Marilyn Monroe, a common misconception – been stuck in my head for a while now.

  • Urban Dictionary. OMW! I’m a bit irritated with how people give stupid definitions of their own names and their girlfriend’s. Imagine the possibilities. And I won’t even get started on the ones that can’t even speak English but want to define stuff. Have to admit though. It can be fun looking up your own and friend’s names. For example.

  • Tomb Raider Anniversary Nice. Speaking of which, Lara Croft has a new model, whose name is Karima Adebibe. (Point of interest, for ME anyway) Apparently her head looks too small for her body, but we won’t go into that.

  • I kicked AI’s ass. Ok maybe I prodded it a little. But I passed! And it was fun.

  • 30 seconds and family go together. *grin*

“Buh-bum.. buh-bum...”


Ki-sa-ma said...

what about july SKINNY DIPPING?! pephgleuugh! phlgugh! pheleughughuh!

urban dictionary... dont give yourselves embarrassing nicknames people it can be used AGIANST YOUR ASSES! pephgleuugh! phlgugh! pheleughughuh!

the_brainles_don said...

hey nut first of all about the evil face book... U INVITED ME !~!!!!!!! o n by the way u posted at 1 30 am that an obsetion gal mwaah c ya surprise u soon bye