Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coffee & Google

That's what it's all about these days. The Gzzt is no longer something I do to thrill myself and laugh at how my hand can't stay still. It's become a necessity.

Like... the feeling of the sun burning your skin while sitting on cement blocks so cold, you're nearly positive your ass will stay there when you finally surrender to the freezing shade that's been haunting you all day and just... go back to Polelo (hello! {oh, i kill myself :D}) and try not to ignore the fact that project fair day is around the corner.

Like... Human contact. No matter how much you try and deny it.

The truth is those Jacarandas that line the Geography building are still yellow-green and I realise somewhere in between the OMGOMGOMGTHERE'SSOMUCHTOWORRYABOUT that I never took the time to take note of exactly when in the year they go purple.
If I'm lucky I'll be gone soon and won't have to wonder about it even if I wanted to. Of course, it's not that I have to right now but I've always been a dramatic emo sap.


Stop judging me. I mean, why are you even reading this? Are you on a sugar high or something?


Libra said...

Waffle at its finest. I like your title...like the name of a rock song or something.