Monday, January 14, 2008

Sign in the Box

A good friend of mine, best known for taking credit of other people’s work and giving out random bursts of profound wisdom; the likes of which no normal unintoxicated person would’ve thought of – often unexpectedly shouts out the very slogan of this blog: LIFE IS GREAT... and it’s true! So I don’t stop him.

The first time I failed my driver’s test I made a diary entry that went a bit like, "Everything sucks... blah, blah." The second time I failed it was more "Ya, it happened again whatever."

The third time, however, was today. Today I saw Muhammad with Fatima on the road and wondered out loud like the psycho patient I am whether he’ll notice that my hair was pulled back to an obscene amount and realise I’m off to Waltloo Testing Station. Yip, I was one of those people who didn’t tell anyone about the test even though they asked over and over again. Anyway, the rest of the day went driving the same routes until I saw good ol’ Philemon come out of that Apartheid style building with my sister. Remember him, Thohira? Yes, the very same one - EXACTLY as you had described.

Philemon failed both of us. Let’s not get into a post mortem about the test. Needless to say, I bitterly regretted making fun of Philemon all through second and third year for Thohira’s sake. :(

So no, I didn’t get to sign in the box. And no, I’m not particularly fond of signing in boxes either. What’s the point really?

SO. Is life still great?


Libra said...

Of course life is great. To mangle Anne Rice, the earth is a savage garden where only aesthetic principles rule. Which can be very discouraging, but I prefer to see it as humbling. In other words, so what you failed. Forget about failing and look out the window.

CorpseKicker said...

Like last time Shakira said eat ice cream.

Libra said...

That works too:)

neverBlink said...

Life is always great!

Philimon fails everyone!
*beginning to wonder whether he's one of those people who need something to cross his palm before he does otherwise* :O

u got to meet him..and u have another story for the grandkids!
imagine if u had just passed ur driving test the first time? how unadventurous...and the corpsekicker lifestyle, the very greatness of all about the adventure:)

Waseem said...

Not to blow my own trumpet here, but I always considered myself someone with above average intelligence and have never even come close to failing a single test or exam. Yet when it came to my drivers license, I failed, also like you, 3 times. I began to think if there were maybe something wrong with me and all those terrible thoughts of failure and never making it in life.

I, to this day, believe that the drivers license test is unnecessarily difficult compared to what you actually experience on the road.

Ice cream helps.

Wawa said...

the thar got her license first time. And we both know what happened at fafa's place on that once so glorious morning. I got mine the first time too. And i occasionally like to hit the average pole/cow/chicken/curb/philemon on my way home.

C kicker, the test is in ur mind. And u have already passed. U can drive. So can I.

The circle queen

queen_Lestat said...

How can you reply to Anne Rice with Shakira said eat ice cream?

Did the biscuits help lol

CorpseKicker said...

When the hell did that happen? Biscuits always help.

Anonymous said...

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