Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of the Box

It’s that time of the month again.
No, dumbass, not that time, Driver’s License Day!
Martha was angry when my signature touched the line of the box at the Centurion Testing Station at about 11:54 yesterday. As I signed, I thought of Muhammad and “Eye of the Tiger”, Shakira, her cake and the adventures of Philemon and Thohira. She clicked her tongue and gave me an eye that made me wonder whether she’s allowed to change her mind at this point about passing me.
It started with Martha introducing herself and saying, "You betta not be nevess if you are so desprrit to get your license. Shoo! Four fails! Ay, ay ay..."
I obeyed the laws of every single box yesterday. Had some Biral, made sure my chin passed my goddamn shoulder at every single blindspot, pulled up my handbrake at a stop street where the road was clearly as flat as my hair on a project demo day - all that shit. Can I forget about it now?
It ended with a thumbprint and a realisation that I’ve been silently angry for really long and it was finally over.

Observe this, losers > _|_ .....

I’ve had three weeks of working already. Can I put it on my CV yet? Does it count as company disloyalty if I say the first week was terrifying? Am I allowed to go to the bathroom whenever I want or do I have to ask my boss first? This is going to need some getting used to. Not to mention that half of your life is spent in a car. What would we do without radio? There isn’t any Circle to fall back on when things start to suck at work - not that it has, there aren’t any Jacarandas lining the building to look out at, no pawiljoen to park on and fry your brain, but it’s true that you learn more in your first three weeks than you have in all your three years at university.

It's not full of weird and wonderful people; the CS department at Tuks was a gold mine in that sense. Maybe I'll have to let go of that. I don't know if I'll find that satisfaction again. Everyone at Cyest is a rockstar at something or other, though. That’s awesome. You just have to open your month and solutions appear. Not just a "here’s how you do it but a "here’s a good way, what do you think?" kind of thing. The occasional visit from the Skywalker and his wise words, if it happens, is usually the highlight of the day. Not that working with my own boss is a treat and flatter in itself. Rockstar software architects are just as impressive.
Most people are still kind of nameless and only speak when they have something to say about work and most of the time this is ok, but some human contact would be nice :/
I suppose work is one of those places where a certain kind of masquerade is a necessity. Something I’ve always had trouble with. Whatever, I’ll get there.


Waseem said...

congratulations, its no easy battle to overcome 'nevessness'

I think especially in our field, you don't know what you are in for until you actually start work. (I assume you're working Computer Science as your profile says)

Thanks for visiting :), I dont think its too late, I'm hoping she will look at it again when she comes back from her honeymoon. I'm trying to think of a better caption for the sucky photoshop as well

Leilani said...

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