Monday, July 21, 2008

Geeks Belong Somewhere

Something made me log into my long lost Tickle account on Sunday morning. My profile is proof that I once believed that
  • I don't suck.
  • I think pets are in my box of things I want but can never have.
  • My most over-used phrase is MY word.
  • The perfect pizza is Chicken and Mushroom. EXTRA Mushroom!
  • My first thought when I wake up is [Regarding my alarm clock] What the hell is that sound and why does it feel like it's supposed to be telling me something?
  • and My favorite memory is the 24th of March 2005: A day that epitomised the pure fresh freedom of my first year of university.

That last one still holds. Nothing better has happened since. Nothing Bloggable.

Like most things perfect, student life is temporary. I remember the 24th of March. I remember the moment I decided it was a perfect day. I was alone. None of the people I sometimes associate that perfection with were around. There was bird shit all around my feet, a canopy of purple-blue blossoms over my head and inside it, equations, logic puzzles and Java Essentials. Perfection.
One of the aforementioned people, Nicole, had her 21st birthday last week and celebrated it by inviting a selection of unsociable people to her house to eat, drink, talk and do other sorts of social things. This might seem like a futile effort, but somehow it worked. It might've just been the trampoline she strategically placed right outside her house or the promise of free food, but for me it felt like I was a student for a night again. My feet were covered in bird shit again instead of tight black leather boots I can't move in. Conversations were about things I liked talking about and not bullshit to fill up an awkward moment with people you have to see, rather than want to see.

If perfecton is temporary, is going back to do my honours kind of like kicking a corpse?