Monday, November 10, 2008

My Lips Are Evil

The first thing I didn't allow myself to call a relationship taught me to not do this. I don't really any more. Unfortunately blogs have become a means for self indulgent individuals such as myself to muse. It's a small treat, so muse I shall.

My parents made juice for breakfast yesterday. Carrot and pear. It smells. When it was done my mother poured it into individual drinking glasses using a jug with a faulty lip. It messed stinky juice all over the table. It made me wonder what people would be like if they didn't have any lips.

The problem with the world today seems to be people. Our earth is dying because we like to play with it and not give back to it.

We buy big fat Hummers with money we don't have because showing our neighbours and colleagues that we earn more than them is worth the drive to work (or a trip to the grocery store, for the yummy mummies) in the most impractical vehicle possible. My friends at "FUH2" call it "the ultimate poseur vehicle" and I agree. I would like to have one - in a life where my universe was a vacuum and where there were no other living organisms. I like big things and I understand the appeal of destructive power. But I don't like showing off and I just happen to like Earth.

We use whatever we want, however we want. Chytridiomycosis is a great word. Try saying it 3 times and then when you're done with that, say Pregnancy Test. "In the 1930s, African frogs were exported for use in human pregnancy tests and it is suggested they may have carried a fungal disease with them." Gross. Why not make our lives easier by destroying everything in our path?

I'll TELL you why. It's because we have LIPS. Here's my musing. What if human beings had no lips? Imagine how less sexy we'd be. We'd talk funny - only if it were necessary (eliminate the problem of bullshit). We'd eat funny - only if we were
actually hungry (eliminating the problems of obesity and over-indulgence). We'd have less sex - because we would be less sexy? This is a gray one but picture someone with no lips and you'll know what I mean. (I suggest less over-indulgence and over population.)
I suppose we'd be lacking as a species. Not to mention a far less interesting one. We may even be less able, like the dodo that got too fat to fly. But maybe that's an okay compromise, seeing as how our ethically conscious minds aren't enough to help us make decisions which would take other species into consideration anyway.

I'm not a prude, but I do think we enjoy life a little too much. It would be nice if the whole world exercised some abstinence. Even if the purpose was simply to be able to appreciate life's joys. The whole world should fast next Ramadhaan.

And FFS sell your fat ugly petrol guzzler.


Yaseen said...

Hey, you're alive! :)

“picture someone with no lips” : Two Face. Not a pretty picture.

In a world without lips, a person with lips would probably be considered as not appealing. A freak of nature?

It's arguable that global warming is part of the earth's natural rhythm and not wholly due to our greenhouse gas emissions.... We can't predict the weather and we definitely can't control it. There are just too many variables.
Even Deep Thought would not be able to predict the future on earth. :p

The Organ Harvester said...

Someone at work tried to exhorcise me because i threatened to cut off his lips with a pair of scissors. He obviously knew he would die a virgin. His lips are giving him false home.