Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making you do the wacky

Love is a force, not a momentum. Love is a means, not an end. Love is the drive to the destination. Love is the road to a place I know nothing about.

Love is the carnal desire to consume and own and conquer. Love is the natural disaster you try to predict and understand and manipulate. Love is the hurt you don't realise you cause. Love is the pain you try to numb. Love is the scream inside your head that you were never meant to silence. Love is the hate you try to deny.

Love is the clarity after too much confusion.
Love is the security after all the uncertainty.
Love is finally being able to drop the masquerade.
Love is a yellow sticky note - plucked to your forehead for everyone to see what a dunce you are.

Love is the Life that's never not Great.

Inspired by conversations with Waseem and Saaj.