Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making you do the wacky

Love is a force, not a momentum. Love is a means, not an end. Love is the drive to the destination. Love is the road to a place I know nothing about.

Love is the carnal desire to consume and own and conquer. Love is the natural disaster you try to predict and understand and manipulate. Love is the hurt you don't realise you cause. Love is the pain you try to numb. Love is the scream inside your head that you were never meant to silence. Love is the hate you try to deny.

Love is the clarity after too much confusion.
Love is the security after all the uncertainty.
Love is finally being able to drop the masquerade.
Love is a yellow sticky note - plucked to your forehead for everyone to see what a dunce you are.

Love is the Life that's never not Great.

Inspired by conversations with Waseem and Saaj.


Anonymous said...

that's why i have you, for even when the concept of love seems impossible..

"And thats why i wonder if it's at all possible that someone with a soul as beautiful as yours could ever be unhappy and how grotesquely unjust it is if that is possible".

corpsekicker said...

Saaj. Love is swallowing my tears to make myself strong enough for a friend who's poured her heart out onto pieces of paper just for me.

Kaloo said...

Your words are so easy on the eye :)

Love is the whispering between two hearts after the lips have long fallen asleep.

Saaj said...

That’s the best definition of love I’ve ever heard or at least the one that’s made the most sense to me. It’s not about being spat on by drizzle or being soaked in a thunder storm, it’s about the comforting showers. It’s the silent sound you hear sitting in the mountains of Drakensburg.

You knew I was searching to find words to relate to, and you're always the person attached to them :)

Waseem said...

Love is letting go cos you are afraid your love is not enough.

Love is "something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live" (Got this from a Queens of Stone Age song :))

neverBlink said...

what do u think of the saying that Deepak Chopra tweeted yesterday: "When you fall in love, you fall for a mirror of your own most present needs"

Love is finding the thing ur soul needs most, in someone else's soul?

M Junaid said...

Love is contentment :)
And buying a blackberry so I can chat to you at three in the morning and not get charged. I think that also makes love cheap ;p

Waseem said...

@neverBlink I think Deepak Chopra is full of crap :D

corpsekicker said...

@Kaloo Thanks, I love your writing too. And that little adendum was amazing :)

@Saaj Your quotes are magical. <3

@Waseem Love is caring with all your soul even after you have let go.

@neverBlink Does that mean you fall in love with something that satisfies your present needs, or with something with the same needs as you?

@Junaid Love is financial economy :D

antiverbose said...

Awesome blog! :)

I think in essence what you saying is that love isn't something static, it's dynamic and its definition/meaning changes depending on the person,feelings,situation, experiences etc. at a given time..

but just out of curiosity..if you could define love in 1 word what would it be ? :)

corpsekicker said...

@antiverbose 1 word: faith.

M Junaid said...

If I wrote this it would have been called 'making you do the sticky', you know... i havent done a concerning corpsekicker post :P

desert demons said...

'Love is finally being able to drop the masquerade.'- nice one I think it's the most real part of love, the part when who you are is plain to see.