Friday, February 11, 2011

We should go for coffee

if you ever blamed irrational behaviour on hormones
if you ever freaked out at the idea of losing your sense of home
if you can't accept the past as being in the past
if you're a jealous possessive bitch
if you'd rather choke and die on your own puke than be someone you're not with the intention of attracting people to you
if you have a big girl crush on Daryl Hannah
if you visibly wince at men who don't have facial hair
if you lose concentration during business meetings and imagine what would actually happen if you burst into song
if you like it dark, bitter and rich but not too hot
if you're not sure whether you're wise in knowing that there's always more to know or you really know nothing

We should go for coffee if you like coffee, know nothing about coffee, but tweet about it.


sham said...

you're freaking me out maaaan :P ... [see my tweets today, before I saw this post]