Friday, September 09, 2011

15 Movie Questions list

My first meme. Taken from Waseem

1. Movie you love with a passion.
Elizabethtown but flirting incessantly with Marie Antoinette; both of them for their stunning soundtracks.

2. Movie you vow to never watch.
I haven't done this yet, I'm up for most things.

3. Movie that literally left you speechless.
The 11th Hour

4. Movie you always recommend.
The 11th Hour because it left me speechless

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.
Kirsten Dunst. Even Drop Dead Gorgeous was enjoyable to me.

6. Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for.
Mathew McConaughey. He's unattractive with a stupid name.

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet.
David Boreanaz but from 1998, Buffy's Season 2. Not everyone is treated as well as Paul Rudd is by the years.

8. Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen.
David Boreanaz (Again, 1998 only)

9. Dream cast.
Kirsten Dunst; she doesn't need co-actors.

10. Favorite actor pairing.
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were quite cute, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are close to my heart, but Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz take it home.

11. Favorite movie setting.
Ch√Ęteau de Versailles in Marie Antoinette

12. Favorite decade for movies.

13. Chick flick or action movie?
Chick Flick unless you can show me an action movie with Kirsten Dunst in it.

14. Hero, villain or anti-hero?